Thursday, 26 June 2014

Advanced Slider Help

How to use the component?

First you need to add number of images into the image library. All you need to do go to Advanced Slider app which will redirect you to the settings page where you can drag and drop your images. The recommended size is 600px width and 300px height. Make sure your images have reasonable size to achieve pest performance in your site (under 100k) and also have the right size. At any point of time this component load 2 image into page to make sure it does not compromise the performance of the page in the first load.

 After adding images you can edit each image and specify the following details:
Title: will be shown at the bottom of the image in transparent as shown in the image
URL: you can define a hyperlink for the title. If user click on the title the page will redirect to the URL
Details: you can also give a more details of the item. The component will not accept more than 250 characters. Also it will start trimming of the letters more than 230 characters.
Hidden: you can hide an image. For example you can upload 30 images and make 25 of them hidden. Just items which are not hidden will be shown in the app part.

When you add the Advanced Slider into the page you will see the following view:

After uploading images please go to the page where you want to add app part. Edit the page from insert tab then select “Advanced Slider”. You can edit properties of the app part:
Note:The App part will load at most 10 latest unhidden items.

After you have the app part in the page if you hover over on the top right hand side corner of the app part you can see a small menu where you can select Edit properties. Then you can define the following properties:

From animation group you can define delay time which is the time between animation effects
From animation group you can define Effect which is the type of effect for animations
From Customize group you can hide text. It means even though you have title, url and details for images. They will not be shown over images.
From customize group you can define if the URL show open in new window. By default the current page will navigation to the URL.  
Note: Always make sure Chrome Type is set to None from Appearance group.

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